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Our Mission

Not only do we simplify fleet processes and ensure compliance with third-party obligations, we also show the true cost of each vehicle. This gives you full control and the opportunity to act proactively and save costs.

You should be able to concentrate on your core competencies

With us as your partner, you and your employees will always have suitable and impeccable vehicles at your disposal. You will never have to worry about details of maintenance or tire changes again. With the fuel cards from our numerous mineral oil partners, you can fill up cashlessly, and the payment is made via your service account.

The optimal rate for your fleet management is calculated in advance and everything that is necessary for smooth operation is taken into account. We also offer you absolute financial transparency. This means you always have your finances under control.

We continuously analyze your fleet and inform you about optimization and savings opportunities. We purchase services or tires at conditions that also benefit you.

Benefit from predictability, transparency and savings potential

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